This 4,000 square foot apartment explores the efficiency of multi-person living through examining the boundaries of privacy and separation.

The apartment is laid out so that the areas that require more privacy (the bedrooms and bathrooms) are positioned on either end of the apartment. One wing for the children and one wing for the parents.

The “Privacy Wings” are connected by a fluid, transformable, shared public space which allows for
a living area, dining area, study space or whatever program is necessary for the current occupants. One curved wall and the kitchen are the only stationary aspects within the shared space.

The space can be transformed by adjusting semi- translucent curtains hung from tracks in the ceiling. The transformability accommodates a family’s different needs throughout the day, the season, the years, or even a change in occupancy.

Fall 2015
Parsons School of Design

Site: NYC

Selected for the Fall 2015 Parsons Archive